Weight Loss: 6 Great Sources of Protein

There is a lot more to weight loss that skipping meals, missing out on your favorite food, and counting calories. Unfortunately, those who go on a diet are often unaware of that, and they often go back to their old eating habits pretty soon.

In order to change your eating habits forever, you need to choose an approach which will not only help you slim down, but keep you full, so you don’t raid your fridge in a moment of weakness.

Your biggest allies in this battle are lean proteins. Lean proteins will keep your appetite in check, kickstart your metabolism, and won’t cram you full of useless, empty calories which only add to your weight. Here is a short list of all the best lean protein food sources.

Egg Whiteseggwhites weight loss

Although it’s no secret that eggs are an excellent source of protein, they can also help you lose weight. But, we would advise you to avoid egg yolks if you are looking to slim down, since they contain some fat. Instead, try egg whites, either as part of a meal, or a separate one.

Making your favorite omelet is possible with only egg whites, as well, and you can put them in your favorite protein shake, too. They contain no carbs or cholesterol and have very few calories, only 40 per half a cup.


Although not exactly a staple of dinner tables, spirulina is one of the best sources of protein you can eat if you are looking to lose weight. Just to illustrate, just one teaspoon of spirulina seaweed contains 4 grams of protein. Just a few spoons with each meal will satisfy your protein needs for the day. Apart from keeping you full, spirulina is also great for jumpstarting your metabolism and ridding your body of toxins. This will only speed up weight loss, since an organism that is free of toxins will function more efficiently.

Turkey Breast

Turkey breast is another healthy source of lean protein, as long as it is roasted. It is far healthier when prepared that way than your run-of-the-mill deli turkey, which is full sugars and additives. Turkey breast contains very little fat and sodium, but is rich in tryptophan, which helps your body to grow lean muscle mass and to cope better with stress, which can both slow down your metabolism, and make you eat more.

White Fish

When we are talking about foods that are rich in protein, and low on calories, we have to mention white fish. One of its advantaged is that is can be prepared in several different ways, while still keeping its nutritional value and great taste. You can bake it, roast it, broil it or grill it. Some of the fish that fit this classification are: cod, haddock, tuna, tilapia, swai, trout and halibut. Also, wild salmon is a great source of protein, but you should eat it in moderation, because it contains plenty of fat.

Whey Protein Isolateprotein wieghtloss eggs

Whey protein isolate is available on the market in powdered form, and is one of the best ways to build lean muscle mass. When buying it, always choose a type which doesn’t contain any milk fat or sugars.

Instead, go for ones that use stevia as replacement for sugar. Did we mention that whey protein isolate has zero carbs and no fat? If you are an athlete, this would be the perfect source of protein for your body.

Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

One of the key factors of weight loss is the sufficient intake of antioxidants. One of the best foods that is both delicious and rich in antioxidants is yogurt.

Yogurt has been proven to be a healthy source of antioxidants, which are an important component of weight loss. Yogurt, as is the case with all dairy products, is rich in calcium and magnesium, but also potassium, which helps your digestion and reduces bloating.

It is also full of protein and B12, which is great if you want to kick our metabolism into high gear. Go with a non-fat kind if you are looking to lose weight.

There you go. 6 healthy foods that should help you stay full, lose weight and build muscle. Most importantly, you won’t fall off the wagon, so to speak, and return to your old eating habits.

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