Paleo Diet and Weight Loss

There are many diets out there that claim to make you lose weight, but many don’t deliver. One that’s going to be looked at today is the Paleo Diet. Can this make you shed those pounds, or is it just another fad diet that’s going to be history in a few years?

What is the Paleo Diet?

This diet is known as the Caveman Diet as well. It’s short for Paleolithic, which is the era of the caveman. The diet makes you eat like a caveman, making you eat foods that only they would eat. Back in the days when people hunted and gathered food, eating only as much as they could to live.

What’s Allowed in the Paleo Diet

  • Berries – An obvious one. Cavemen loved to pick berries off bushes, so it makes for a great sweet treat.
  • Wild animals – Another given. Cavemen hunted and fished for all kinds of meat, so it makes sense that you would eat them as well.
  • Vegetables – Many veggies grow in the wild and therefore were the source of protein for cavemen.
  • Seeds, and nuts – These should be found in the wild. Pick them yourself or not at all.

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What’s Not Allowed?

  • Dairy – Cavemen didn’t know how to milk, so therefore you should only use cows for food.
  • Grains – These come from agriculture, so it’s not ideal – breads are out too!
  • Processed foods – Cavemen didn’t exactly have factories to preserve and can foods, so this is a no-go.

In other words, this diet makes you go back to the all-natural diet the cavemen had many years ago, just like nature intended. But can it help you lose weight?

The Paleo Diet and Weight Loss

While it’s not going to instantly make you lose weight, it can improve your health. It is more biased towards proteins and fat, and you need to eat many vegetables if you want to have your daily intake of carbs, so it’s not something you’d like to try if you have to eat a balanced diet.

However, you can lose weight if you take time to try it out. It can reboot your metabolism, improve your digestion, and detox your body.

Trying the Paleo Diet for Weight Loss

If you are careful with the way you eat, the Paleo Diet CAN help you to lose weight. The diet will reset your metabolism, clean all of the chemicals and toxins from your body, and improve your digestion. It will take time, but it will help to cleanse your body.

There are other diets out there that do it better, so if you’re going to lose weight, you might want to try those first. If you do want to lose weight with the paleo diet, use a few of these tips below.

  • Limit your calories – Your diet’s going to be high in fat, so it’s naturally going to be high in calories. If you want to make sure that you’re going to lose weight instead of gain it, you need to limit your calories and stay under that limit. However, if you don’t want to starve, then you should…
  • Exercise more – This way, you’ll burn more calories a day. You can eat more without starving yourself. Martial arts is a good way to burn those extra calories.
  • Eat plenty of carbs – The problem with this diet is that you’re going to be eating a lot more fats, as established. To have a more balanced diet, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.
  • Make sure to keep your fiber intake – Fiber allows you to stay healthy. Eat more roughage so that fruits in paleo dietyou have enough fiber to digest the fats and proteins.
  • Get more sleep – Getting 7-8 hours of sleep is good for any occasion, especially weight loss. If you’re tired, you can overeat, and your metabolism is slowed because you’re lacking energy. Sleeping properly also gives your body more growth hormone, which will burn your fat and build muscle.
  • Don’t worry about the number on the scale – You’re trying to burn more fat than anything, so if your weight stays the same or goes up, don’t worry about it too much. Instead, make sure that your body fat percentage is going down.
  • Stop consuming caffeine – Too much of that coffee can alter your adrenaline levels, stopping your weight loss. So if you drink too much, cut it out and see if it will help with the weight loss.


The Paleo Diet can help out a lot with your weight loss if you count calories and keep your nutrients balanced. You’ll have to exercise more and have to deal with digestive issues, but in the end, it helps you to lose weight if you know what you’re doing.

Try it out if you want to, or look for other ways to diet if this sounds too harsh.

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