Elliptical Machines – Are They Suitable For Weight Loss?

On a worldwide scale, weight loss is a timeless goal. Every year fitness fads and dieting trends pop up, make their rounds, and then fade from mainstream popularity as others pop up to take their place – and the cycle continues. However, there are some weight loss systems that stand the test of time; remaining effective as fads and trends come and go. Elliptical trainers are a perfect example of a weight loss system that has stood the test of time – let’s find out why.

Burn The Right Calories

Calories are burnt whenever you exercise, this is common knowledge. However, what you may not know is that calories are not all burned at the same rate. Whenever you exercise the either burn calories from fat or carbohydrates to generate energy.

If your body needs to generate this energy fast (e.g. when you’re sprinting) then it is far more likely that it will make use of carbohydrate calories. However, whenever you perform sustained balanced exercise, your body utilizes its oxidative energy system, which will make use of fat calories instead. This is why elliptical machines are amazing, they make the most of this oxidative energy system, which means that they are excellent fat burners.ellipticals and weight loss

Adjust Key Workout Factors

Nowadays, virtually all elliptical trainers are being made with the distinct ability to adjust both the incline and stride levels. What this means is that you can essentially alter these key workout factors on the fly without interrupting your routine. A combination of a steady speed and a gradually increasing incline is possible the best way to efficiently burn fat. This technique plays upon the aforementioned oxidative energy system – which means that you are more likely to burn off the fat and not the carbs.

Lower And Upper Body Workout

This is one of the big benefits of elliptical trainers. Unlike treadmills and other similar devices, elliptical trainers have movable handlebars that are not only present to help you maintain your posture, they are also there to give you a great upper body workout. What this means is that your muscle activation levels are greatly increased and therefore you end up burning far more fat. There are also elliptical trainers that have rotating, egg-shaped handlebars that can give you are more powerful workout because they have the ability to better focus on your abdominal muscles.

Lower Perceived Rate Of Exertion

Studies have shown that, compared to other common cardio machines (treadmills, exercise bicycles, etc.), elliptical trainers have a lower perceived rate of exertion. What this means is that comparatively, you won’t actually fell as if you are exercising as hard and therefore you should be able to exercise for longer.

Auxiliary Technological Enhancements

Putting aside all of the primary technological enhancements (such as the ability to control incline and stride), there are still many other technological enhancements being made to modern elliptical trainers. Interactive exercise apps, for example the myLiveLight, are becoming the norm for elliptical trainers.

This type of app can communicate with smart devices via Bluetooth, giving you the ability to set custom workout user profiles or generate preferences based on your goals, weight, or other factors. Modern elliptical machines also give you the ability to play your workout music via built in apps, Bluetooth, and/or docking mechanisms.

No Pressure On Your Joints

This is a huge benefit for individuals who either have joint related problems or are in physical therapy (recovering from accidents, etc.). When utilized properly, an elliptical trainer won’t place any stress or strain on your knees, spine, or hips. They are also a great workout option for individuals who are overweight because they usually suffer from joint problems as well. High end models have been known to be able to support individuals who are over 400 pounds.

Additional Functionality

Lastly, modern elliptical trainers now have a great deal of resourceful features that are designed to make losing weight easier. Not only can you fully customize your workout, you can also set the total amount of calories that you want to burn. You can also compensate for recovery and endurance; which complements the aforementioned ability to regulate incline levels, speed, and stride length.

Hopefully this answers any and all elliptical trainer related questions that you may have had. Not only is the elliptical trainer a great way to get a cardio workout, it is also easy and fun to use as well; quite possibly the best way to stay fit and healthy.

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